We are Pearl Krea-cion Inc. fashion stylist and designers with the synergy of harmonizing African styles and designs with Western proclivity to fashion modeling.

As designers, you pick the fabric, we create pattern through and by trimming, sew the garment to fit into the individual fashionable designed clothing. As stylist, we select and match your clothing colour to align with it accessories to fit your particular occasion.

We at PK Inc are fashion designer/stylist with experience in high-level private and commercial fashion designs and we also cater for a small number of private and individual clientele. For the everyday consumer, our hope is to help with streamlining your closet, finding your personal style, restructuring your wardrobe, educating you on the best colors and shapes for your body, developing good shopping habits, and changing your relationship with clothing. “We design to fit”.

We sew clothing  ourselves from an in-depth understanding of garment construction, the specific fabrics that hide flaws, and which shapes are flattering for each body types. We  courageously motivate and inspire the consumers of modern fashions in the world and Fashions industry professionals for Modern designers to be innovative, educate themselves and elevate their craft so they can compete and be taken seriously on the global fashion scale.

We’re expanding to accommodate hands-on, with intensive program that blends creative business and technical skills training to provide the specialized  knowledge that will prepare our students for work in the field. We blends creative and business skills training to provide the specialized knowledge students will need to thrive in the  industry.

Historically, most of the fabrics we use in our clothing are their unique in their texture, design, durability, and lightweight-cotton material which are sewn into garments. We seek to continue this tradition by fusing classic, Western cuts with African prints–wax print ankara and batik adire, all inclusive. However, many of our fabrics are sourced locally and tailored by professionals, local to our region. Each piece comes with its own character and is made in limited quantity to ensure the originality of your garment….no two pieces are tailored exactly alike from the use of African wax fabrics to the unique choice of colors and patterns.

Pearl Krea-cion Fashions Inc. clearly reflect her African heritage and culture. We integrates vintage treasures and recycled materials to create pieces that are sustainable and fashionable as well. “WE DESIGN TO FIT”

The materials we use in our clothing designs are but not limited to adire, lace, linen, jacquard, akara, tie-dye, etc. Here are a brief description of some of the many and varying specific Africa traditional styles that are custom made available to choose from.


Despite the pertinent staying power tendency of using African inspired wax prints in the global fashion industry, we do not descend into that ubiquitous look. Instead at Pearl Krea-cions (PK Fashions Inc.) we created different but unique looks for the modern woman who wants to look her best for a fun night outing.

African fashions doesn’t have to mean batik, kente, Ankara, or traditional lace. Established that wax prints has gotten critically acclaim reviews from the international fashion world and it has also open endless opportunities for many designers, it is not the only state of African fashion. There’s so much more to African fashion than wax prints. With PK Fashions, we’ve seen what African fashion can be without the use of wax prints.

With that said, Pearl Krea-cion is leading the pack of determined African fashion designers drifting from using wax prints in their womenswear and menswear collection. I love, cherish and admire the pastel, peplum color block look and the blue panel sequin desired to fit dress for men from the fashionable model designs.

Just when the world thought the fashion industry’s obsession with African-inspired wax prints was for a season, PK Fashions continue to designs stunning looks for their clientele with spring and summer collection.

Pearl Krea-cions (PK  Fashions.) Inc. is an organization incorporated in Ontario Canada. Our  mission is to highlight African fashion styles and designs through transforming our aspiration to inspiration by creating through our innovative and unique egalitarian fashionable arts and experience to explore the evolving diversity and richness of African cultures.

PK Fashions Inc. seeks to generate new ideas and promote cross cultural dialogue through partnerships and new platforms on fashion expression. We are at the fore front of capturing the surge of the African inspired trends in the fashion industry.

Founded at the turn of the 21st century, the Pearl Krea-cion Inc. operate as an evolving dynamic organization, within the Brampton suburb. In 2007 it emerged as what has become one of the famous growing and most respected dynamic centers of fashionable activities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada.

Located at the commercial nerve in Brampton, Ontario Canada, we are at the frontiers of the emerging fashion industry advancing with modern technology. We are determine to redefine the fashion industry through the Africans perspective.

“To increase the visibility of African  fabrics, clothing designs and styles through enhancing customer’s satisfaction so that Africa brands can become the envy of the fashion world and be able to withstand the market competitiveness, made available and accessible globally”.

To harmonize African styles and designs with Western inclination to fashion modeling. To become a global fashion industry that beautify the

  • To Inspire a complete and unique self worth, confidence and happiness that create value and make a difference in our multicultural society
  • To promote the harmonization of African culture of dress designs and styles with the Western heritage, through our custom design-to-fit creation, using African fabrics to attract and retain customers of high-valued fashion profile by bringing inspiration and innovation to every custom designed to fit clothing.
  • It is evident that some significant developments have taken place in Western African fashion over the last few years. The first being that the perception of African fabrics and fashion are no longer seen by western audiences and buyers solely as “traditional” wear, a misconception which was always just another way of saying that what Africans made and wore fabrics lacked the finesse of western fashion.
  • The other has been the growing number of African fashion designers (PK Fashions Inc) who showcase their work NOT on the catwalks as yet but on the street town and cities across Canada and the US
  • Nonetheless, marketing on a global scale remains something of a stumbling block for most African brands. Since Western fashion brands do not rely entirely on their local markets, African designers shouldn’t have to either.
  • This is where our organisation Pearl Krea-cions(PK) Inc. thinks it will make a difference by preparing African designers to work with western retailers, and bringing the two together.

Buba – a loose neck blouse, usually long sleeves, and long enough to go a little below the waist.

Iro – This is a separate but  bottom part of the outfit. When unfolded, it look like a plain rectangular sheet but when worn, it is wrapped around the waist and tied or folded to stay in place.

Gele – This is the headpiece tied around the head and for covering. When unfolded, it look like a small plain rectangular sheet but it can be folded in a variety of different styles.

Iborum or Ipele – This is an extra scarf piece which can either be tied around the neck or the waist or go diagonally across the body (thrown around from your shoulder to the waist)

Kaba/dress – This is a one piece dress that can range between many different styles.

Buba:– This is usually a loose top  neck shirt, long enough to go halfway down the thighs.

Sokoto:- These are the lower part of the men’s clothing, the pant or trouser. It is often designed to be free/loose but to fit specification and not body hug.

Fila:- This is the round cap that is slid on the head. It come in various shape and styles. They are designed to fit your head sizes

Abeti-aja:- This is another kind of cap, where the sides of the cap are made longer into a triangular shape and then folder up. These caps are nearly always worn with the buba and sokoto or the agbada.

Agbada:- These are the  traditional ceremonial dress for the rich and high class elites of the Nigerian society. This come in three piece suite where the agbada is worn over the buba.

Sokoto:- It is a wide armed piece of clothing, usually with a structured shaped and embroiled neck with matching color sewing thread accessories to give the cloth a distinguished look. It is long enough to reach the floor when worn and the arms extension are long enough that they need to be bunched together when worn

We are available and accessible for any other designs and styles not mentioned here such as old school, the oldies of all fashionable design.